Clinical Services: Telephone Consultation

Telephone Consultation

People sometimes prefer to have a consultation or conduct a course of therapy over the phone. Recent studies (see links below) have indicated that therapy over the phone can provide real benefits.

If you wish to arrange a time for a telephone session, please call 617-868-6557, or visit the "Contact Us" page to e-mail Dr. Chirban with your contact information.  During the initial conversation, Dr. Chirban will briefly discuss, free of charge, the administrative components of phone therapy, including such matters as whether treatment is appropriate, the therapy process, and fees. He will also be happy to answer any other administrative questions that you may have.

Telephone therapy sessions may be paid by credit card and will be processed through PayPal (a financial transaction company owned by eBay that insures all information is kept strictly confidential).  After your initial consultation, if you would like to proceed with telephone therapy, you may pay on a session-by-session basis by clicking the button below. (Note: clicking the button will take you to PayPal's site, where you may enter your credit card information.)

Forty-five-minute consultation ($225):

Twenty-minute consultation ($110):

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